sabato 19 novembre 2016

The Days After the Nights. Horizons for an Exhibition #2

There are always days after the nights. This is not just a time axiom. There are nights when dreams become nightmares and dawn is not only light, but a new return to life. There are nights when the desire to go away is as irrepressible as the desire to stop... going.
 There are nights when the bombings leave bright trails and you wonder with open eyes if they are fireworks. And then there are the dark nights of life, those that never end and that you spend in a wine bar drinking the last glass of a useless and very narcotic liquid. Vittorio Amadio draws and colours these days and their horizons, he enlarges and outlines them, thus representing the daytime vision of nocturnal paranoia with a thin grey black and white line.
There are all the possible horizons: sea and land, mountain and desert areas, post-war and post- nuclear, idyllic and real, oneiric and material ones. They come one behind the other, and the line acquires the importance of an existential dimension that affects the heart and caresses the mind, makes us dream and be moved. They chase each other, and the result is a walk on the beach after the storm, a desert shattered by smart bombs similar to the lonely thoughts of a love-and-regret-sick clochard. This is the content of ‘’The days after the nights”, an endless strip to be read as a comics, the only possible defence in a world of frustrated romantics.

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